2 Weeks of Valentine..

Hey guys,

As you know, tomorrow the month February will start! And you may also know that the 14th of February is Valentines Day! So what I will be doing the coming two weeks is post Valentine posts. Normally I post once a day but maybe I’ll upload a little more 🙂

I will post some gift ideas, movies to watch, recipes,.. And whatever you suggest me to do! Let me know what you’re doing. I might even add somethings if you celebrate Valentines alone!

So let me know what you want to see, and stay tuned!



Buying Fake Beauty or Skin Products?!

Hey guys

You may have seen some people order products from Asian websites like AliExpress.     Popular brands are way cheaper on websites like these and that’s what makes them tempting to buy. I have nothing against it if you want to buy something from websites like that, I’ve actually purchased some phone cases there. But I really want toKylie-Kit-Lip-Packaging-.png warn you about buying skin products or beauty products.

The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, Chanel make up, all those popular brands you’ve probably heard of. They are all very pretty but they are also pretty expensive. Buying them for a cheaper price might seem really practical, but trust me, it really isn’t. It contains fake ingredients that aren’t supposed to be applied on your skin. They can cause swelling and infections.

If we look at the Kylie Lip Kits, they are really sticky and also really bad for your lips. They can really ruin them which really hurts and looks weird. If you really want those beautiful colors on your lips, but can’t afford them (don’t be ashamed, I’m not paying for those either) you should look for dupes.

Dupes are a way cheaper version, but from a different brand. Sometimes you can find practically the exact same color. They are normal lipsticks and don’t hurt your lips.

If you want to buy something on websites like those, that’s okay, but on skin products and beauty products I’ll pass. Be careful with what you put on, don’t ruin your pretty skin!



Permanently Curling My Hair?

Hey guys,

I want to talk about something I wanted to do for quite some time now but I need your opinion. I love curly hair, and I’ve always wanted to have it. Then I heard people talk about permanently curling your hair, an idea I love. But I don’t know if it’s a good idea! I mean, I wouldn’t have a problem with getting up a little earlier to fix my hair, but whatimg_3807 if it breaks off or something?

If I would do it, I would want it to look like this picture ->                   I think it really looks gorgeous and maybe it would look a little bit like this on me 😀 Only difference is I have blonde hair. This picture isn’t mine, it’s taken from the blog Hairromance.

Until I was 5 years old I had curly hair myself, but it grew out and since then my hair has been straight. I love straight hair, don’t get me wrong, but I think it may be time for something new.

What do you think? Do you think I should do it? Would you do it? Let me know! I would love to hear an opinion from you guys. Hope you let me know 🙂



My Favorite Youtubers

Hey guys,

I’m gonna show you my favorite youtubers!pewdiepie-800

  1. PewDiePie; as you may know, Pewdiepie is the biggest youtube channel. But I’ve been watching his videos when he wasn’t even close to his popularity now. He has his own app, website, book, songs and games! He’s always good for a laugh 🙂


  2. CutiePieMarzia; if you didn’t know her yet, I think I might have introduced you to the cutest woman ever. She makes all kind of videos; beauty, lifestyle,.. Very cute and cool. She is PewDiePie’s girlfriend but she deserves to have a much better title than that. She is a person of her own, and a very cute one. c:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               cztlqeij
  3. Rosanna Pansino; this channel revolves all around baking, and she is a pro at it. She bakes all kind of cool cakes, cupcakes, popcakes. The opportunities seem to be endless, from Undertale’s butterscotch cinnamon pie to a giant Sleeping Beauty birthday cake to Pokémon ice cream cones.. It really inspires me because I also love baking myself!


If you’d like me to talk more about these youtubers or youtubers I watch let me know!




Would You Rather..

Hey guys,

Lately I’ve been doing some tags, so today I’m doing another one. You can send me more of these or tell me what you would choose.

  1. Would You Rather.. be a robot or an alien?  An alien
  2. Would You Rather.. fast forward or jump back 10 years of your life?  Jump back
  3. Would You Rather.. live with no electronics or no friends?  No electronics
  4. Would You Rather.. eat only Lays or Pringles? Pringles
  5. Would You Rather.. never tie your shoes or untangle earsbuds again? Never tie shoes
  6. Would You Rather.. adopt Pusheen or the Nyan Cat? Definitely Pusheen I use a fork
  7. Would You Rather.. write a great book or paint a great picture? Write a great book
  8. Would You Rather.. not know how to read or to write? Not know how to write
  9. Would You Rather.. sleep in a room a little too warm or too cold? A little too cold
  10. Would You Rather.. be a wizard or a vampire? Definitely a wizard!
  11. Would You Rather.. master every programming or spoken language? Every spoken
  12. Would You Rather.. be guaranteed to go to heaven or live 50 extra years? HEAVEN!
  13. Would You Rather.. be Spongebob or Patrick? Be SPONGEBOBBBB
  14. Would You Rather.. have a lightsaber or save a child from starvation? Save the child!
  15. Would You Rather.. teach history or math? Teach math
  16. Would You Rather.. use a fork or a spoon for mac & cheese? I use a fork
  17. Would You Rather.. instantly learn the piano or the guitar? I’ve done piano so guitar
  18. Would You Rather.. stop using youtube or facebook? Definitely stop using facebook
  19. Would You Rather.. star in Wicked or in The Lion King? The Lion King 🙂
  20. Would You Rather.. eat Red Lobster Biscuits or Olive Garden breadsticks? Number 2 
  21. Would You Rather.. be telepathic of telekinetic? Telepathic
  22. Would You Rather.. always be overdressed or underdressed? Overdressed!
  23. Would You Rather.. be able to talk to animals or speak every language? Animals! 😀
  24. Would You Rather.. watch Seinfeld or The Simpsons? The Simpsoooooooooooooons
  25. Would You Rather.. always run or always crawl? Always run c:

Never Have I Ever…

Hey guys,

For today I’m going to be answering some Never Have I Ever questions for you .                     If you want to know the story about any of these, let me know.

  1. Never Have I Ever.. smoked weed.      NEVER
  2. Never Have I Ever.. been in real handcuffs NEVER
  3. Never Have I Ever.. had alcohol           I HAVE (It’s not legal yet but it was accidentally)
  4. Never Have I Ever.. peed my pants      I HAVE
  5. Never Have I Ever.. pulled an all-nighter            I HAVE
  6. Never Have I Ever.. farted and blamed it on a pet       I HAVE
  7. Never Have I Ever.. aced a test without studying     I HAVE
  8. Never Have I Ever.. broken a bone            NEVER
  9. Never Have I Ever.. sleepwalked               NEVER
  10. Never Have I Ever.. had surgery          NEVER
  11. Never Have I Ever.. rode on a roller coaster with a loop    NEVER
  12. Never Have I Ever.. gotten bullied        I HAVE :c
  13. Never Have I Ever.. passed out     NEVER
  14. Never Have I Ever.. gotten a tattoo   NEVER
  15. Never Have I Ever.. cried myself to sleep        I HAVE :c
  16. Never Have I Ever.. cheated on a test     I HAVE
  17. Never Have I Ever.. prank called anyone    I HAVE
  18. Never Have I Ever.. been in an airplane          I HAVE
  19. Never Have I Ever.. read a whole book in a day     I HAVE
  20. Never Have I Ever.. thought I was going to drown     I HAVE


50 Facts About Me

Hey guys,

I’m going to share 50 facts about me. As you may know, I’m kind of keeping my identity a secret because I’m not really comfortable with showing myself but it’ll come someday. Until then, here are 50 facts about me.

  1. My name starts with the letter K ;D
  2. My hair is blond
  3. I have blue eyes
  4. I love tea
  5. I kind of like coffee but not always (always in the mood for starbucks though)
  6. My favorite color is red
  7. At school, I do STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)
  8. I’m REALLY small
  9. I love animals
  10. My favorite animal is a giraffe
  11. My favorite foods are pizza and sushi
  12. Coffee shops I love: Starbucks and Monkey Coffee (last one is in the Netherlands)
  13. My favorite season is summer
  14. I have arachnofobia (spiders)
  15. I love The Walking Dead
  16. I watched Pretty Little Liars 100 times
  17. American Horror Story is very loved by me and my sister
  18. I love rollercoasters but I’m afraid I’ll slip out because I’m so tiny
  19. I love reading books
  20. If I don’t like a book I can’t get myself to complete it
  21. I used to take piano lessons but I’ve kind of out-learned it
  22. When I’m allowed to drive I would love to drive in a Fiat 500
  23. I got my ears pierced twice but the ‘holes’ closed
  24. I love naps
  25. I’m lactose intolerant, and that kinda sucks sometimes
  26. I would really love to have the baby pink uggs with bows and ruffles
  27. I don’t really like my name because it’s hard to pronounce in other languages
  28. My mother tongue isn’t English
  29. I stress a lot but I can find my calm when I need to
  30. I always make sure the L and R are on the right side when I put my headphones on
  31. I’ve never smoked a cigarette and I’m not planning to do that
  32. I would love to become a vegetarian and really respect people that are vegetarian
  33. I’ve never had a boyfriend
  34. I’m straight (maybe at some point I find out that I’m not but for now I am)
  35. I’m a girl c:
  36. I think I’m good at English for my age but when I have to speak English I’m nervous
  37. I’m bad at studying but somehow manage to keep my grades up
  38. I moved twice in my life
  39. When I went to take the Sorting Test on Pottermore I was confirmed a Hufflepuff
  40. I have never been to Disney Land :c
  41. My blood type is O positive
  42. I live with my dad
  43. I love swimming but if I jump in a pool I have to pinch my nose
  44. My favorite emojis are the sleeping one and the one that rolls its eyes
  45. I would love to go to Japan sometime
  46. I love blogging but I’m bad at it
  47. I’m getting braces
  48. I’m an evening person unless you made me a huge breakfast c:
  49. I only saw a falling star once and it was a couple days ago
  50. I love you 🙂