Top 3 Tea Flavours You Really Need To Try

Hey guys,

Let me show you some teas you REALLY need to try!

1. Night Time Tea – Pukka  night-time_cmyk

If the packaging doesn’t make you fall in love, the flavour will. This tea, which you could probably tell by the name, is great for the night time. If you drink this before bed, I can assure you that you will float to Dreamland.

2.  Three Cinnamon Tea – Pukkathree-cinnamon_cmyk

Oops, another one from Pukka. This one is the very first one I ever had from Pukka. My aunt gave it to me to try at home and I immediately fell in love. This one tastes, obviously, like cinnamon but to me it kinda smells like caramelized biscuits, which I love too( especially lotus.

3. Blueberry Muffin Tea – Lipton 1704-967135-NEW_Blueberry_Muffin_300.png

Phew, this one is from a different brand. But I think we all know this brand. It’s most known for iced tea, but the teas are amazing as well. When I look at it’s picture I really want to run to the shop and buy 300 boxes of this, but unfortunately I can’t. It’s flavor is really accurate and will make you feel really happy and warm inside. I didn’t find it on their website but if you see it in one of your local store, be sure to grab a box and try it out!


These are my favorite teas at the moment, be sure to let me know if you’re going to try one of these and if you liked it!



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