Learning A New Language

Hey guys!

Today I’m just going to make a quick, short post because I really wanted to tell you this. I’m going to learn a new language! Nothing fancy, I’m going to learn it with the app Duolingo. You can also learn on the website. Duolingo.png

But the only thing I’m kind of stuck with is what language to choose. There are two languages that really draw my attention; Spanish and Swedish. I don’t know why, but I love these languages. I don’t want to push myself and learn two languages at the same time because I know it’ll be a little too hard, I’m gonna want to stop after a little time if I’m learning two languages at once.

Another language I’d love to learn is Russian, but this seems a little too hard for me to do right now since I also have French in school, I have to keep my grades up!

I know, this was a short post but check the website out if you want and I’ll keep you updated when I make a decision and how I’m doing it.



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