50 Facts About Me

Hey guys,

I’m going to share 50 facts about me. As you may know, I’m kind of keeping my identity a secret because I’m not really comfortable with showing myself but it’ll come someday. Until then, here are 50 facts about me.

  1. My name starts with the letter K ;D
  2. My hair is blond
  3. I have blue eyes
  4. I love tea
  5. I kind of like coffee but not always (always in the mood for starbucks though)
  6. My favorite color is red
  7. At school, I do STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)
  8. I’m REALLY small
  9. I love animals
  10. My favorite animal is a giraffe
  11. My favorite foods are pizza and sushi
  12. Coffee shops I love: Starbucks and Monkey Coffee (last one is in the Netherlands)
  13. My favorite season is summer
  14. I have arachnofobia (spiders)
  15. I love The Walking Dead
  16. I watched Pretty Little Liars 100 times
  17. American Horror Story is very loved by me and my sister
  18. I love rollercoasters but I’m afraid I’ll slip out because I’m so tiny
  19. I love reading books
  20. If I don’t like a book I can’t get myself to complete it
  21. I used to take piano lessons but I’ve kind of out-learned it
  22. When I’m allowed to drive I would love to drive in a Fiat 500
  23. I got my ears pierced twice but the ‘holes’ closed
  24. I love naps
  25. I’m lactose intolerant, and that kinda sucks sometimes
  26. I would really love to have the baby pink uggs with bows and ruffles
  27. I don’t really like my name because it’s hard to pronounce in other languages
  28. My mother tongue isn’t English
  29. I stress a lot but I can find my calm when I need to
  30. I always make sure the L and R are on the right side when I put my headphones on
  31. I’ve never smoked a cigarette and I’m not planning to do that
  32. I would love to become a vegetarian and really respect people that are vegetarian
  33. I’ve never had a boyfriend
  34. I’m straight (maybe at some point I find out that I’m not but for now I am)
  35. I’m a girl c:
  36. I think I’m good at English for my age but when I have to speak English I’m nervous
  37. I’m bad at studying but somehow manage to keep my grades up
  38. I moved twice in my life
  39. When I went to take the Sorting Test on Pottermore I was confirmed a Hufflepuff
  40. I have never been to Disney Land :c
  41. My blood type is O positive
  42. I live with my dad
  43. I love swimming but if I jump in a pool I have to pinch my nose
  44. My favorite emojis are the sleeping one and the one that rolls its eyes
  45. I would love to go to Japan sometime
  46. I love blogging but I’m bad at it
  47. I’m getting braces
  48. I’m an evening person unless you made me a huge breakfast c:
  49. I only saw a falling star once and it was a couple days ago
  50. I love you 🙂

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