My Favorite Youtubers

Hey guys,

I’m gonna show you my favorite youtubers!pewdiepie-800

  1. PewDiePie; as you may know, Pewdiepie is the biggest youtube channel. But I’ve been watching his videos when he wasn’t even close to his popularity now. He has his own app, website, book, songs and games! He’s always good for a laugh 🙂


  2. CutiePieMarzia; if you didn’t know her yet, I think I might have introduced you to the cutest woman ever. She makes all kind of videos; beauty, lifestyle,.. Very cute and cool. She is PewDiePie’s girlfriend but she deserves to have a much better title than that. She is a person of her own, and a very cute one. c:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               cztlqeij
  3. Rosanna Pansino; this channel revolves all around baking, and she is a pro at it. She bakes all kind of cool cakes, cupcakes, popcakes. The opportunities seem to be endless, from Undertale’s butterscotch cinnamon pie to a giant Sleeping Beauty birthday cake to Pokémon ice cream cones.. It really inspires me because I also love baking myself!


If you’d like me to talk more about these youtubers or youtubers I watch let me know!





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