Valentines Day Without a Partner

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to show you what you can do when you don’t have a partner to celebrate Valentines Day with.

  1. Ben & Jerry’s – yes, ice cream. Sorry :p I love to eat ice cream on this day and Ben & Jerry’s is my favorite ice cream brand.
  2. Popcorn and Movies – your favorite movie or watch a new one, popcorn always goes well with in. Let me know if you like salty or sweet popcorn better. I like salty popcorn better!
  3. Marathons – No, not running marathon, but movie marathons or serie marathons, like Harry Potter or Pretty Little Liars
  4. Try out a new recipe – if you don’t want to hang out i front of the television all day like me, lol, you should go on Pinterest and find cute recipes to try out.
  5. Blog – if you are really bored and want to try something new, try to start blogging! It’s very fun! I love to do it and even I didn’t give up on it yet which is very rare. It’s so cool to do!


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