Gift Basket for Your Best Friend

Hey guys,

Today’s topic: making a gift basket for your best friend! Find a cute basket and we can start!

So first of all, add a cute card! This cannot be missed! It needs to be there, because if it isn’t, the basket just isn’t complete. Write a cute note in it et voila!

Next, you can add some Ricola drops. This can always come in quite handy, especially this season.

Now you can throw in  a lip balm. I really love these and I’m pretty sure your friend does too. You can choose colored lip balms, or just transparent ones.

Gift cards to his/her favorite shop. Or cafe, restaurant,.. Whenever you don’t know what to give someone, gift cards are the key!

Tumblers, or some other drinking cups with a cute print. You can find them almost everywhere or just order them on the internet.

Journals or notebooks.. Whenever I see those I want to buy them all. If your friend likes them, you should really add one of those.

Adult coloring books. They are really helpful if you’re stressed or bored. You can also add some cute coloring pencils with it!

And finally, add some of your/her/his favorite tea/hot chocolate in there. If your friend doesn’t like hot drinks you can also add some Arizona or other cool drinks.


Making gift baskets is such a cute and fun thing to do. It’ll really brighten up his/her mood/day. Let me know if you tried it out!


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