Street Harassment

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to have a little chat with you about street harassment. I’m sure you’ve seen a video or two where women do ‘silent walking’ for a couple hours and film what men say to them.


I like how those videos point out that men shouldn’t be doing this and it’s really annoying and kind of scary. Then again when someone says ‘Have a nice evening’ or ‘Hello, good morning’, I don’t think that should be called street harassment, and it shouldn’t be.      But I really think it does turn into street harassment when men start shouting at them. When their goal is to get them in bed. This hasn’t happened to me, because I’m really young and I don’t really live in a big city or anything like that.

These men should imagine this happening to their sister, or their daughters. Random men trying to get them into bed. It’s not okay to do this, but especially not when the woman clearly isn’t happy with it.

I’m not sure what they’re going to do with money to help prevent this, but I’ll do some research on that.

And finally, to lighten up the mood a little, I want to show you a funny version, where the girl actually RESPONDS! Really funny, check it out!



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