Hey guys

If you like Harry Potter, this is a post for you!

Today I’m going to find out what my Hogwarts house is, my Patronus is, my Ilvermorny house is and what kind of wand I have!

This is REALLY exciting!!!

I have to do a couple of tests to find out, so I’m going to do them RIGHT NOW!

So first my Hogwarts house is… HUFFLEPUFF!!!                                                                                              I kind of saw that one coming, for some reason.                                                                                    The Hufflepuff traits are.. Loyal, patient, fair, hard-working, true                                                  Also, Nimphadora and Cedric were/are Hufflepuffs, so I’m definitely proud of being a            Hufflepuff too.

Next, I will discover my Patronus is…

And my Patronus is… DEERHOUND!!!                                                                                            Which I absolutely love, because it’s very beautiful! I’m very proud of it 🙂

So now, my Ilvermorny house is… THUNDERBIRD!!!                                                                         The Thunderbird is a beast that can create storms as it flies.                                                      The Thunderbird traits are.. Represents the soul. Favours adventurers.                               This house seems really cool! I really like it.

And finally my wand, the moment I’ve been waiting for..                                                             My wand consists of.. Sycamore wood with a Phoenix feather core, 11″ in length with a quite bendy flexibility. It’s a cool wand, and I also love that it has a Phoenix feather core, because it’s the rarest core type.                                                                                                              As you may know, if you go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour, you can buy wands, for example Hermione’s wand or Dumbledore’s wand. I hope that one day they make custom wands or something. I know that it sounds impossible, but I’m also sure that they could make loads of money out of it. And also maybe if you say something or push a button, it has a light which forms your patronus. I know it sounds crazy but it’s just a thought.

I didn’t add the questions or my answers, because I don’t want to influence you, if you want to do this, it should be your own experience.

If you want to find out what house you are, wand or patronus you have you can do so on Pottermore!


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