30 Days Self-Care Challenge

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to show you a 30 days challenge!


Day 1-5

Day 1: Fill in your planner. Set days aside for yourself.                               Day 2: Take a relaxing bath/shower.                                                                 Day 3: Catch up on a show you enjoy.                                                                 Day 4: Clean out your social media feeds.                                                         Day 5: Clean a room in your house.

Day 6-10

Day 6: Do your laundry. Fold it and put it away.                                             Day 7: Eat something healthy.                                                                             Day 8: Make a happy music playlist.                                                                   Day 9: Make a list of your favorite things.                                                         Day 10: Write as many positive things about yourself as you can.

Day 11-15

Day 11: Color or draw.                                                                                               Day 12: Seek medical or professional advice.                                                 Day 13: Read something that makes you happy.                                             Day 14: Make a list of people you can reach out to.                                       Day 15: Do something outside.

Day 16-20

Day 16: Donate your time or belongings.                                                               Day 17: Plan something to look forward to.                                                       Day 18: Do a fun exercise.                                                                                       Day 19: Play a game you enjoy.                                                                             Day 20: Make a list of the things you love about yourself.

Day 21-25

Day 21: Shred and dispose of old papers.                                                         Day 22: Talk to someone about how you’re feeling.                                     Day 23: Make a list of what your accomplishments are.                             Day 24: Drink plenty of water.                                                                             Day 25: Catch up with someone.

Day 26-30

Day 26: Create a budget plan.                                                                               Day 27: Connect with people with common interests                                 Day 28: Tell someone you appreciate them.                                                   Day 29: Wear something that makes you feel good.                                     Day 30: Reflect on what helped.


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