The PewDiePie Drama

Hey guys,

This isn’t my daily post, but I really wanted to talk about this.

If you are active on social media, you probably know Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. There is a lot of drama going on about videos and jokes he made. They have been calling him a Nazi, anti-semitic, a racist, and more horrible things.

This started at 24th of September, when he added a picture of Hitler in his intro. Since then there have been some Nazi references in his videos. This caused people to post about it, but the drama really started when he shared the video about Fiverr. There is a post coming up about Fiverr, but it’s basically a website where you can pay people to do all kinds of stuff.

He paid two Indian guys to hold up a sign saying ‘Death to all Jews’. What he was trying to show his viewers how crazy the internet is and how far people would go for 5 dollars. He is not a supporter of Hitler, he isn’t anything like that.

However, he has made jokes about this before, even way before with Edgar. You know, the DEUTSCHLAND joke. They just thought that this would draw the most attention at the moment, so of course that’s what the media is going to do.

Even if you do not appreciate these jokes, you DO NOT have the right to spread rumours like this, people might only read the title and think it’s true.

Please show some respect to eachother, thank you.


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