Signs of Abuse

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to show you a little thingy. I haven’t ever dealt with abuse (well, being bullied at school but that’s not what I mean). But if you or someone you know are in danger always let someone know, let someone help you. If you recognize a few/lot of these signs you’re in a bad place you need to get out of.

Says hurtful things to you

Isolates you from others

Gets angry or upset easily

Name-calling, emotional abuse

Spreads rumours or tells lies


Often criticizes you, puts you down

Force, physical or sexual abuse


Acts intimidating, threathens you

Blames you or others for problems

Uses jealousy to justify actions

Smashes, kicks or hits objects

Embaresses you in public or private


These signs are focused on an abusive relationship. I’m not saying it’s easy to leave an abusive relationship, but you have to. You don’t deserve to be treated like this, you can always ask me for help, wherever or whoever you are.


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