Pet Peeves

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to tell you my pet peeves. If you don’t know what pet peeves are; A pet peeve is a particular thing that bugs you every time. It makes you cringe when it happens.

  • People that eat with their mouths open, smacking – This already makes me cringe thinking about it. I hate it when people stuff their mouth with food and then eat with their mouth open. This really disgusts me and when I see it I stop eating.
  • Scratching paper – It may sound weird, but sometimes it really bothers me when people do this. I really can’t deal with it. But other times I don’t mind, it’s really weird.
  • Crying children at the movies – Literally, people take their babies to a place where it’s dark with loud sounds. And then he/she starts crying and they do nothing about it. That really annoys me because they should be able to take care of their child and not take them to this because that’s also really bad for them.
  • Random people that look at your phone – There was this time I was at the dentist, waiting, and this girl came closer and closer and wanted to look on my phone and I kept turning away. It was really cringe-worthy.
  • Using “gay” as an insult – It really annoys me when people do that. Saying someone or something is gay when they mean something is lame. It isn’t an insult and shouldn’t be used as one.
  • When people do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom – This really disgusts me, I don’t get how people don’t feel the need to wash their hands after they go. If I can’t immediately do it after going it feels really horrible.

So those are some of my pet peeves. I hope I didn’t insult anyone. Even talking about it makes me cringe. If you relate to any of these or have some yourself, let me know!


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