Hey guys,

Today (I’m writing this at the 17th of February) I went to the hospital. I didn’t get rushed there or anything, we made an appointment to go there.

So what the problem is, is that my bones are younger then me. I am really short because of this, which I don’t see as a problem but I think there is something bad about it though. Sometimes when I was my hands, they get wrinkled. Like when you go swimming or take a really long shower/bath. And also when I smile the skin around my eyes acts weird. I don’t know if that has something to do with it but I’ll keep you updated about that.

Also, I am sick at the moment. I’m having a really high fever and I am sweaty and very dizzy. This isn’t the worst, I know, but it’s really annoying since I’m going to a soccer/football match to sell stuff for charity.

I’ll keep you updated if I make it or not!


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