Do I wear makeup?

Hey guys,

A little short post for today 🙂

Because I’m a girl, if you didn’t know that, makeup is something that could be used in my life (I really tried not to stereo-type girls).

Butttttt, I don’t. I mean, I used it before and sometimes when I go to a party I use concealer or something but I don’t wear it to school. Since I’m a ‘teenager’ (I don’t like saying that because I feel like I’m gonna be a kid forever) other girls are using it.

I kinda want to start wearing makeup on a daily basis but I’m gonna be really really bad at it, ANDDD I’m really ‘scared’ to be judged. At my school, if girls wear makeup, suddenly they’re like pros at it and I’m super clumsy so I’d have to do it 10 times, and I’m SO not a morning person.

Little question: if you wear makeup in the summer, your face doesn’t tan, right? I really love to get ‘tan’ in the summer (I don’t really get that tan) but I don’t get why you want your face white and the rest of your body tan. Or DO you tan? Or do you buy other shades of makeup to match your tanned skin? Let me know!




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