Love and stuff

Hiii guys


So today I’m just gonna typ a lil bit about love and stuffies because today has been verrrrrry hot (like, the temperature) and I’ve been in the sun alot so I’m kinda tired but in like a reaaaaalllyyyyyy fun way.

So like, I like a guy, wheew, but I mean, what is supposed to happen anyways, lolz. I’ve never even had a boyfriend before, which shouldn’t be a problem at my age but all the cringey kids had like 300.000 boyfriends like the fudge?

But the thing is I don’t want to like like boys yet because the fudge am I going to do? Hold hands? Like okaaayyyyyy but I don’t see why peoples my age want to be in relationships because they’re probably not even serious and it’s just to be cool.

Lolz sorry if I annoy you




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