How to get tanned

Hiii guys


I don’t know about you(but I’m feeling 22(sorry)), but where I live, it’s getting waaaaaaaay hotter and stuff and basically last year I wasn’t tanned at all so I looked up how to get tanned (fast) and I’m gonna show you.


  • Turn your body over frequently. Like a chicken roasting in a rotisserie, you need to turn your body over frequently to get an even tan. The rule is to turn in 1/4 revolutions every half hour. Start on your back, then turn to your left side, then your stomach, and lastly your right side. Make sure to change the position of your arms and legs frequently to avoid awkward tan lines. Cause that’s the way we roll.
  • Position yourself in direct sunlight. This way your body gets more chances to get that tan.


  • Lay out in the middle of the day between 10am and 4pm. Though dermatologists usually tell you to avoid the sun during peak hours, if you’re trying to get tan quickly, hit the tanning grind when the sun is strongest.
  • Go swimming. The water will make you get a tan easier, but you won’t feel it when your skin gets burned, sooo be sure to protect yourself.
  • Eat carrots? Apparently that should do something.








THaaaaanks for being here




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