Letter To Your Older Self

Hey K!

‘Whut?’, you might think.. But yes, don’t you remember when you made a blog post about this? Well if you don’t, go back into your oldest blog posts, but if you do, read further!

So hey K! How you holding up? I’m fine at the moment.

Did you get your braces yet? What color did you pick? I really want pink right now, but you might have chosen some other color. And PLEASE wear your frickin’ elastics. I know it’s not fun, but if you don’t it won’t work.

Are your nepphews still living with you? (by the way, my nepphews are living with us at the moment) If not, when did they leave? How was it? I’m so curious c:

Summer is about to start, and remember last summer? You didn’t do anything and I still regret it. So get your butt up and do fun stuff! I made a promise to myself to do something fun every day and blog about it. Now there’s no way back. c:

Make sure to get a tan, last time you were still looking like a milk bottle at the end of the season. Are you going on that camp? I sure hope you are. It’ll be so much fun!

One thing I really hope you did is get to this year, because it’d be awful if you didn’t. Not to make you feel bad about it, bad grades aren’t the worst thing that happens but I don’t want to re-do this year.

Be gold, be bold.

Make new friends and don’t me shy about it.

Take at least 1 picture a day. Of yourself, something you did, sunset or sunrise, a pretty flower, anything.

Go shopping, like a lot. You need it.

Oh also wear those ankle bracelets you got from Babette.

Hope you have a fun time and take care of yourself xx








As you may have noticed, I am a little excited.


It’s summer time! At least where I live. I remember, around Christmas time, I watched one of Troye Sivan’s videos where he said ‘it is summer’ and I was very, very confused until I realized he lives on the other side of the world.

So basically I’m gonna blog (more), because I have the time, do more weird stuff I can blog about, etc.

I’m going on a camp next month, so there could be some things about that (unless I break my arm and leg again (Ski Trip)).

I can’t believe I don’t have to go to school for 2 months, but I’m happy about it!

See ya!




As you may have read in the title, I’m in the middle of my exams.

Which means; studying, NO BLOGGING

In 5 days I officially start my summer vacay, but first those exams.

I’m going to study a lot so there’s no blogging involved, but there will be after I’m done!


Wish me luck!