So basically, my blog is boring. I don’t post consistently or interesting posts. I kind of only have one consistent reader. But that’s going to change.


There’s this problem with my blog, and it’s that I try way too hard to make interesting blogs. Most of them I have from watching YouTube videos or reading other blogs and getting ‘inspiration’ there. But my plan is to just post about le me.

Things I do, things I feel, things I want to express. That way all my blogposts are original and honest. And since I haven’t ‘leaked’ who I am, it stays anonymous but you can still ‘enjoy’ it. I’m also going to use the ‘…’ a lot when, you know, it’s either sarcastic, or I can’t find the right word for it.


So what do you want to know about me? Just ask me and I’ll tell you. (Except for ‘Who are you?’, ‘How old are you?’,…)


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