Wow. This title seems so cheesy. But that’s what I’m going to talk about today. ‘How to build character’.


Well, what do I mean with ‘building character’? I think you can think of that in many ways. But what I’m talking about is this: Something that people remember you by.

Don’t you ever wonder ‘How do people think of me?’. I know I do. But I think you are the one who determines how other people think of you.

A smell

This ALREADY sounds weird, but you could use a certain perfume. A unique one, but a nice one. That booms of your skin but doesn’t make your surroundings sick. I personally use the Moschino perfume; Fresh Couture. It’s expensive, but I’m VERY tiny and don’t have to use a lot because it’s kind of heavy.


Think of HOW you want people to see you. Get your inspiration from other people, but don’t copy them. You can get a whole new look without letting people know, let it be a surprise.

Since I am a mixture of Ravenclaw and Griffindor, I would like to be known as smart/wise, but also wild/bold.

The way you talk is also a big part of your image. Do you want to talk ‘cool’ or use smart words to sound, you know, smart? Do you want to be open-hearted or closed off?


Line up some facts about yourself. Change 3/5.


I’m short.

I’m blond.

My hair is straight.

I don’t wear glasses.

I never wear makeup.


I’ll let you know what I’m going to change!



Some quotes that made me think of this post.


‘Out with the old and in with the new’


‘Things change, people grow’


‘Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid’


‘You can’t be a shark if you’re toothless’


‘You’re little, but you’re big’


‘One size does not fit all’


‘You’re way too smart to play dumb’



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