Short post for today. My niece and I went to the movies, and wanted to watch a scary movie. So we went for ‘It Comes At Night’.

If you asked me what it was about, I honestly can’t answer you. There was an epidemic disease going around, if you got the disease you would die.

It wasn’t scary. Not at all, the commercials were way scarier. The only thing scary is the boy’s nightmare’s but they aren’t even scary. And if I say it isn’t scary, believe me, it’s not.


Overall the movie was very boring, they gave NO information about what was happening, actually, NOTHING HAPPENED IN THIS MOVIE. Please don’t waste your money on it, we were planning on watching ‘Baywatch’, which everyone says is a bad movie, but I would rather watch a bad movie where I can look at Zac Efron for two hours than watch a movie where literally nothing happens.

This is my personal opinion, if you liked the movie, that’s your opinion but I personally think it’s not worth the money or your time.


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