For today, I’m talking about what I thought of the last episode of Pretty Little Liars. Everyone is talking about it, and I’ve seen LOADS of bad comments about it. Here’s what I thought.


I liked the story about Spencer’s twin, Alex. Alex was her twin sister, she didn’t have all of the luxury Spencer had. But when Spencer was locked in that room and Alex was explaining… I didn’t liked that part. She went over it really bad like ‘I wanted closure’, I don’t know. That wasn’t my favorite part.


When the other girls got the theory about Spencer’s twin, they went over it really fast. Normally, a theory lasts around half a season, and comes back later on. But they believed this very quickly. How didn’t they notice they were talking to someone else? The whole episode I felt like they were rushing to give answers. Like, we waited seven years, we can wait one more week so you can spread it out nicely. How didn’t they EVER talk about something they said to Spencer or did with Spencer and Spencer was like ‘we never did that’. HOW WAS A HORSE THE FIRST ONE TO FIND OUT WHO A.D. IS?? That’s all REALLY crazy!


What I REALLY LIKED was when the moms talked about how they got out of the basement. I think the writers don’t really have an answer for that, but I really loved how they fixed that, I was laughing really hard about that. Just seeing the moms made me happy, because they are such a big part of the whole show. That’s also why it kind of surprised me not all of the dads were mentioned. Not all of them added the same amount of importance to the story, I think that’s why Byron WAS mentioned, but they were worth at least to be mentioned.


It kind of surprised me that no one died in this episode. I mean, it’s fun to have a happy ending but with the ‘A’-team still existing and Alex following Ezra and Spencer around with an axe, there should’ve/could’ve/would’ve happened more.


When we saw the flashbacks when Alex already had pretended to be Spencer, it really hit me because I sometimes noticed Spencer was acting really weird, but I couldn’t place it.


When it was revealed that Wren was the baby daddy, I didn’t really see the point. I mean, now we know, but since it was Alex who revealed it to US, none of the girls know it, and the point was the girls knew. Also, I didn’t get why Wren was dead. I think Alex killed him, the way she explained it, but she didn’t really SAY that. If she killed him, I wonder why. He was so loyal to her. He wouldn’t tell the girls that she was pretending to be Spencer because he loved her so much. But apart from that, the whole time I was watching Wren and Alex, I was thinking ‘Maybe she loves her because he still loves Spencer’. I mean, he thought she was Spencer at first, but when he found out he found ‘another Spencer’ he was, I think, even happier because Spencer didn’t love him, so maybe the new Spencer would.


Everyone was like ‘they finally called 911’, but the people that were looking good enough, saw that the ‘cop’, was actually Mona’s boyfriend, who we see later on. They brought Alex and Mary to a new dollhouse, in Paris, Mona’s dream city. I REALLY liked that, because Mona will ALWAYS win the game.


When Aria revealed that she’s unable to get pregnant, I was really dumb. I thought she WAS pregnant but didn’t WANT children. It didn’t hit me until Ezra was talking about adoption. My dumbness kind of ruined that aspect.


I didn’t really like the ending where Addison went missing, just like Alison did. Those girls weren’t the same or even comparable to the original liars. They literally said ‘She picked me’, while the original liars were more realistic, they didn’t realize that until after Alison went missing. I didn’t see the ^point in them saying one of the girls was Maya’s niece, this added nothing to the story and was kind of a waste of time. Also, Alison wasn’t as bad as Addison. Addison was way worse. She bullied people without revealing her identity, Alison was straight up rude, but at least she showed her face. Also, Addison helped the ‘A’-team, none of the girls actually did something THAT bad. I heard they wanted to make a spin-off, and make it about what happened to Addison but I don’t know if I’ll watch that. I also hope young girls don’t watch that one before the original one because they would miss out on the good stuff.


I don’t know, this show was such a big part of my childhood, if not my entire childhood, so seeing it end makes me really sad. I will miss waiting for the next episode, re-watching it while waiting for the next season, not knowing who A(.D.) is, making up theories about who A(.D.) could be with friends and family.

Thank you for being such a big, great, happy, funny, exciting, scary, mysterious part of my life I will always be a fan.


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