I can’t explain why, but there seem to be LOADS of people who experience problems with meeting new people. Today I will give you a short post about how I think you can make a good first impression, and how I think you should accept compliments.


  • Good first impression

People will always remember their first impression of you. So here are some tips on how to make a good first impression:

Introduce yourself and ask ‘What’s your name?’

Make eye contact, smile and speak clearly

Ask about the other persons interests and hobbies

Just be yourself



  • How to take a compliment

Compliments can give your confidence a boost, even if they make you blush. But it could be useful to use one of these tips:

Smile and say ‘thank you’

Be modest

Give the other person a compliment

Don’t mumble, look at the ground or frown your eyebrows

Don’t say ‘I know’

Don’t say you disagree


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